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It’s hard not to be happy enjoying life on a beach! But the foundation of happiness is not based where our body is, it’s based on where our mind is. Here I shared information I find helpful as a therapist, with the aim of helping you find happiness in life, wherever you are. Visit this page regularly to find links to new articles that will keep you informed and engaged.

Articles from Psychology Today

Do You Dare to Pop This Question?

Be careful what you ask, you may get an answer…

This Is Your Brain on Love

A brain on love looks surprisingly similar to a brain on drugs…Be careful what you ask, you may get an answer…

4 Great Ways to Use a Snow Day...Sort Of

Your responses to storm ‘Juno’ hold a lesson for your relationship…

Living Through Adversity with Self-Compassion

Self-compassion helps us move beyond blame and toward appreciation…

Psychotherapy Is the Real Deal

It is the effective treatment…
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Attitudes & Beliefs

Attitudes & Beliefs

You can develop and maintain a positive attitude. The steps to create positive thoughts and identifying negativity in your life can be as simple as ABC!

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