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How to get your spouse’s attention…keeping it short and sweet!

Learn how to get your husband, wife, partner’s attention when you are upset, hurt or angry and share your thoughts in a way they can listen and understand. Rough Transcription: Hi guys, it’s Dr Liz here today and I wanted to just, uh, actually keep it short and sweet with you. Have you ever had a conversation, um, or where you’re the listener and it goes on and on and on. Do you remember those lectures from your parents perhaps that they repeated the same thing over and over? You’re like, I got it. I got it, I got it. Okay. Well, today’s little tip is in your conversations when you’re talking to your loved one or anyone in general, especially if you’re feeling very passionate about it or there’s some kind of emotion, anger, hurt, frustration, we tend to stop being logical into the energy and we run with it. So my tip is start your conversation. Even if you’re passionate and you’re inflamed as pause, ask them, do they understand what you’re saying? Do they get what you’re trying to share with them? All right? And then you go on or you ask them, what do they think so far? Because you still have more to tell them. You still have more to share because you’re really upset or you’re really excited about it. And the reason why I tell ya, I’m suggesting, not telling you, I’m suggesting you start a little bit of your conversation. You know what you’re thinking, or you think you know what you’re thinking. You want to make sure they’re on track with the topic they’re getting, what the messages. Plus it allows you for just a couple moments to calm yourself, to take that break and you’re not this rapid gunfire, robo…

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Are you and your relationship in a rut? Learn easy ways to make it fresh again

It’s so easy to get stuck or feel like your marriage, relationship is in a rut. Learn a few easy ways to make a change by looking at your habits and creating new ways to respark yourself and your relationship. Rough Transcription below: Good morning. Um, it’s Dr Liz here and Dr Penny’s in the back seat. We had just a couple minutes before we ran inside and I wanted to follow up on some questions I’ve been getting about how do I know that I’m in a rut or how do I start change what, you know, what is the process of creating change? Stop a second and think about, have you ever like this morning driven in your car, you kind of get in your car, you start the ignition, you know where the things are, you know where the law, how to put it in a reverse and it’s just sorta like automatic autopilot. And then if you were to borrow somebody else’s car or do a rental car, all of a sudden, do you find, I know I have, um, yourself looking all around the car where, you know, how do we put it in reverse? Where is the parking brake? How to release it? Which side of the car do I put gas in? Okay. Driving a car is a series of learned steps. And we’ve created these habits that go on automatic an autopilot. Well, that’s how a lot of our life is and a lot of our relationships are in, in, in general. So stepping back, we want to interrupt those habits. Um, break things up and figure out where or what you’d like to change. So take some time today and think about what is the end product. What is one thing…

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Is it ever too late to change yourself, your life or your marriage and relationship?

Life gets hard and we often find ourselves feeling stuck, stale or trapped in our life and relationships. But guess what, you can make big changes a breeze. Join Dr. Liz and Dr Penny in learning just how to take that first step. Rough Transcription: Hi guys, it’s Dr Liz and Dr Penny, and we want to just take a couple minutes to talk to you about change and if it’s, when is the time to change or is there kind of a missed opportunity and it’s over. And I guess the reason I’ve been talking to you about this today is that I have been talking to, um, several folks over this past few weeks and that seems to be a topic that for individuals as well as for couples are saying, Hey, I think I missed my opportunity. I’m so many years into this job or so many years old and it’s over and I just got to kind of resigned myself to this life that we’ve, that I’ve created, that we’ve created. And I’ve had other couples come in at collectively together, feeling that we’ve been married or we’ve been together for so many years and it just seems like it’s more of the same. And am I expecting too much from them? Am I expecting too much for us? Why should we put in the time, the, um, the energy, the money, the, um, emotion and trying to improve our marriage or our relationship? And guys, I want to tell you it’s NEVER too late. It really isn’t. Um, if you’re looking out for yourself individually or you, if you’re feeling stuck, maybe you’re, um, we’d love to go back to school or try a new career or trade, maybe do some self-improvement. Start right there…

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Overcome a roadblock to getting your needs met by your spouse or sweetheart

Dr Liz shares ways to getting your needs heard in a way that removes the roadblocks and helps your loved ones want to meet them. Complaints vs concerns…what’s the difference, what’s the big deal? Whys should I pay more attention to how I share my frustrations…after all…they are the one frustrating me. Rough Transcription: It’s Dr Liz and Dr Penny here. We had a couple moments and we wanted to drop back in and say Hi and answer a couple questions folks had. A while ago, last time we chatted, we were talking about ambushing your spouse. And so folks said okay, I stopped ambushing my sweetheart and then started telling him all the things that were wrong, things that have been bugging me and it blew up. Nothing. It didn’t go right, Liz. So I said, okay, well let’s talk about you’re not ambushing him. You’ve asked for the right moment to have your sitting down or have some time to chat. And yet it’s going sideways. And here’s one of the examples that might have happened is that you’re sitting down and you tell your spouse, look, I love you, but you’re a pig. You are such a slob. I go in the bathroom, there’s hair and makeup, yes, ladies and Penny’s comfy now. And then I go in the kitchen and your stuff is all, you know, everywhere I go, there’s something that’s a mess and there’s something that’s um, just laying around and you’re filthy, you’re a pig. Well, they said I blew up. I got offended. He called me a pig. He called me a pig pen, a slob, and complained about everything that I did. I say, well, let’s back it up here. Okay. So first of all, that was a criticism. It was…

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